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Fundamental Singing Techniques Masterclass
Course Dates Coming Soon!


  • Do you find that you are running out of breath mid sentence whilst singing your favourite song?

  • Does your voice sound “breathy” or “thin” when singing ? 

  • Does your voice feel hoarse or gravelly during or after a performance ? 

  • Does your voice tire quickly throughout the day?

  • Does your range “feel” limited when you sing ? 

  • If you have answered yes to any of the above then consider if you are using your voice correctly to its full potential when you sing ? 


1 Day Workshop

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​In this 1 day vocal workshop you will explore and learn the fundamentals of correct and and safe singing practises. 


You will learn the importance of: 


- breath support”

- strengthening the vocal cords daily with some fun and easy but effective exercises 

- visualisation techniques, 

- “go to” quick and easy but very effective exercises for any genre to help you warm up and strengthen your voice, 

- basic visualisation 

- mindfulness (yes you read that correctly “mindfulness” - because a calm mind and body mean a relaxed state for your voice to work at its very best for you :) 


Most singers forget that their voice is made up of tiny muscles that need to be trained to remain healthy and strong throughout their lifetime. If you want your voice to work at its best and last, then this is the Masterclass for you 

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